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Current Custom firmware version is at 4.55 with full online access including gaming, shop and DLC.

If you are interested in finding out How to Jailbreak PS3 4.55 firmware then you should do so now as we have no way of knowing how long it will be until a new OFW update blocks the latest Jailbreak method.

For the time being though its still a simple case of installing the latest CFW over the firmware on your PS3 much like you would with an official firmware. It is recomended to use the Recoivery Menu for this purpose for extra safety.

Get the latest PS3 Jailbreak 4.55

First download the latest free Custom Firmware (CFW) from the download here link.

PS3 Jailbreak Download

You will then need to extract the "PS3" folder to the root folder of a USB drive. If done correctly this will give you a folder called PS3 containing another folder named UPDATE. Inside that you should have the PS3UPDAT.PUP file. If this is not in the correct folder your PS3 will not see the update in the next stage.

Next, with your PS3 turned off at the power insert your USB drive into the left most slot. You now need to enter recovery mode on your PS3. To do this hold the PS3's on/off button while switching on the power. Keep the button pressed until you hear two beeps and the PS3 will shutdown again. Release the on/off button and press it and hold once again until you hear the first beep - then let go. You will now see the PS3's Recovery Menu on the screen.

From the Recovery menu install the PS3 Jailbreak CFW from your USB drive and wait for your PS3 to reboot. Once rebooted you will have a new uption on the game menu to "Install Package Files". These are the PKG files you can now install on your PS3 such as backup managers, homebrew and emulators.

Back up the Latest PS3 Games

With your Custom Firmware updated to the latest 4.55 version you can back up any game to either an external USB hard drive or the PS3's own internal storage. With the Latest PSN/SEN passphrase included you can then play the games online exactly as you would on a non Jailbroken PS3 with an original game disk.

PS3 Game Backups

Multiman is the most popular backup manager for the PS3 as it combines many needed tools into one easy to use application. Here's a demo video showing how simple it is to switch between games and play them online without getting banned.

The latest release of Multiman can be downloaded from here (PKG file) and needs to be installed via the "Install Packages" menu item before you can backup games.

Multiman also includes a built in FTP and file manager for easily moving files between your PC and the PS3's internal storage. To backup multiple games at once you will need an external USB drive. Emulator ROM's also now appear in the Multiman game selection screens. Once you have Multiman installed you can explore the Homebrew channel for more great downloads and cheats.

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PS3 Jailbreak Download

Latest version PS3 Jailbreak 4.55

Great homebrew and Emulators

For many people PS3 game backups are maybe not the most important feature of a Jailbroken PS3. With Jailbreaking you open up the whole world of PS3 Homebrew for you to explore. The available homebrew ranges from Arcade games and remakes to various file and internet utilities. The most popular homebrew however is the wide range of emulators covering almost all classic game home and arcade systems. The SNES, Megadrive, Amiga, N64, Gameboy, Atari consoles and more are fully emulated as well as classic arcade machines in the form of Mame roms or classic tape or disk based games from the 80's and 90's computers Spectrum, C64, BBC and Amiga.